Why Hofstetter, Schurack & Partner?

Munich is the capital of Intellectual Property Protection in Germany and – with the European Patent Office situated here – also holds an outstanding position within Europe. For this reason, of course, in Munich there are plenty of patent and law firms specializing in Intellectual Property Protection. What makes us stand out from them?

We provide our clients with all the services and advantages of a large international law firm – however on the terms of a medium-size company.

Customized Consulting

Each individual case is different. Every client is different – but each case and every client matter to us.

This is why we keep asking back – if necessary several times – to find out about our clients’ wishes and future intentions. It is our endeavour to attend to all our clients by applying our expertise thoughtfully rather than by the numbers.


In our understanding we are not merely neutral consultants to our clients. Rather than seeing ourselves as external to their team, we feel part of it. We are fully committed to come up with a creative optimum solution for them in each case, whilst keeping an objective, realistic view of things.