Dr. Wolfgang Rumpler

Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Tel.: +49 (0)89 - 45 09 18 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)89 - 45 09 18 - 12

E-Mail: muc@hsspatent.de

Dr. Wolfgang Rumpler studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Munich with a focus on cybernetics and telecommunications. He completed his studies at the Institute of Physics at the University of the Armed Forces, Munich with a thesis on sensor technology with the title ‘Photopyroelectrical detection of organic vapors and gases in polymers’.

Dr. Rumpler started working in the field of intellectual property protection in 1994. Since 1998 he has been registered in the list of representatives before the European Patent Office. He has been active as German Patent Attorney since 1999.

The focus of Dr. Rumpler’s practice is on drafting and enforcing intellectual property rights, in particular of patents and utility models, nationally and internationally. He mainly attends to clients in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics such as medical, drive and systems engineering, as well as automobile electronics, sensor technology, TV and video technology. Dr. Rumpler further conducts patent portfolio analyses for due diligence investigations and reports. He is a member of LES (Licensing Executives Society).

He speaks German and English.